If you need help with making concepts and writing them down in scripts,  you’ve come to the right address. After talking about your idea, we make a concept and write it down in a script so it is ready to be executed. After this, Pantalon Productions arranges the right team, locations and equipment to turn the concept into reality.



Pantalon Productions puts its focus on creating video content. We help you with the entire process, but we can also help you with specific parts. For example, if you need someone to edit your video, or if you just need someone to film or photograph, we can help you with that!



Social media plays an important role in sharing your content with an audience. Every platform has a different target audience and therefore needs different kind of content. Pantalon Productions provides consultancy and workshops about the ins and outs of social media. 



Pantalon Productions is founded by Charlotte van den Broeke. After her study in journalism, she focused on producing videos, making concepts and writing scripts.

“Ever since I was a young girl, I wanted to tell stories. During my journalism studies, I realized that I wanted to do that in an original and cinematographic way. With my creative mind, I write stories for videos, incorporating all the details that can make them even more touching. With my artistic style and creative way of thinking, I try to make every video special. That is why I focus on writing concepts, scripts, producing and editing videos.”

Pantalon Productions is a proprietorship that works independent on concepts and videos, but also in coorperation with other production companies